AQAR 2020-21

Reports of sports and cultural events / competitions organised by the institution

Name of the event/competitionDate of event/competition (DD-MM-YYYY)Link to Report
Know Your Nation Know your Leader' : Essay Competition27th Oct 2020Report
"Shri I D Singh Memorial ARTH-GYAAN29th to 30th Jan 2021Report
Ryhme-Unryhme, Self-composed Peotry Writing Competition17th Oct 2020Report
Summary Writing Competition Based On Shri Shripad Samant Talk On "Literature Add to Your Values And Value"22nd Sept 2020 Report
English Solo Singing Competition30th Jan 2021Report
English Story reading Contest30th Jan 2021Report
Literary Characters In Actions31sth jan 2021Report
Creat-O-Genie13Th Feb 2021Report
A Literary dawing competition17th Oct 2020Report
Peotry Recitation Competition14th Sept 2020Report
Ellucation Competition23rd Jan 2021Report
Geet Gayan Pratoygita27th Feb 2021Report
Histeria : "Mad About History"2nd & 3rd March 2021Report
Poster Competition On "Water Competition"21st April 2021Report
Creative Writing Competition : Anubhav Coronache/ Coronakalaachyaa nondeel31St Dec 2020Report
Peotry Competition In Marathi31St Dec 2020Report
Essay competition In Marathi-Covid-1914th to 28th Jan 2021Report
Peotry Recitation Competition In Marathi: The poem That I Like18th Jan 2021Report
Solo Singning Competition: Suraa mee vandeli23rd Jan 2021Report
"Philo-Fest" An Intracollegiate Competition6th March 2021Report
Intra Class Powerpoint Presentation Competition9th Oct to 27th Oct 2020Report
POLIITIKOS: 1 min talk22 Feb to 28Feb 2021Report
NGO Formation23rd Feb 2021Report
E poster Event24Th Feb 2021Report
News Reader / radio Jockey25Th Feb 2021Report
Documentary Making26Th Feb 2021Report
In The dock27Th Feb 2021Report
Socio Zoo25th to 27th Report
Mediosa 2128th To 29th Jan 2021Report
E-Screening And Quiz Competition18th To 19th April 2021Report
Monarch Competition Like Quizy Mind, creatorium, jugglers Timeless treasures,Trade IQ, Perspective Business Bakshi21st to 22nd Jan 2021Report
"DISHA"6th Feb 2021Report
"Kshitij 2021: A Step After A Great Fight"20th Feb 2021Report
"Finoment" 13th March 2021Report
"INNVOTEX 2.0: An Oasis Of Business Idea"27th March 2021Report
"Pandemic And State Of Biodiversity"16th Aug 2020Report
The XXVI Dr. D V Amonkar Memorial Intercolliegiate Elocution Competition24th Aug 2020Report
Concept Through Cartooning'28th Feb 2021Report
Essay Competition: Chem Bond1st Nov 2020Report
Online Poster Competition 19th To 20th jan 2021Report
"Mathemagic"27th To 28th Jan 2021Report
"Application Of Mathematics In Musics,Sports, And Entertainment.25th Feb 2021Report
"PHYSITECH"29th Jan 2021Report
National Statistics Day Celebration 29th June 2020Report
Poster Competition12th Jan 2021Report
STATISKA 3rd March 2021Report
VISUAL STORYTELLING'6th March 2021Report
Animal Of The Environment'5th june 2020Report
Slogan Writing Competition 'Conservation Of Ocean'8th june 2020Report
Quiz 'Wildlife Week Celeberation'2nd to 8th Oct 2020Report
Intercolligate Pencil Sketch Competition 10th Oct 2020Report
Poster Event'1st dec 2020Report
Pollution Pointers' National pollution Day controll2nd Dec 2020Report
Zoo-Poetry"26th Dec 2020 To 6th Jan 2021Report
"Zoo-Fest"30th to 31st jan 2021Report
Our Planet'6th to 7th March 2021Report
International day Of Education & national girl Child day25th Jan 2021Report
BIOTECH GENEOPSIS10th to 21 Nov 2020Report
"TECH SPARKLE"16th jan to 21 Jan2021Report
"Covid -19 For Social Awerness"30th April 2021Report
"TECHNOVATION"29th to 30th Jan 2021Report
"Navrati"19th to 24th Oct 2020Report
Photography Competition5th to 9th Jan2021Report
Meme-O-Mania21st Feb 2021Report
Quiz Copetition Of Indian Cenema "Kaun hai Filmo ka Gyaani"13th to 15th March 2021Report
"Break The Chain"11th To 14th April 2021Report
Cultural Fest Reflections Jallosh10th And 11th April 2021Report
Acont1st March 2021Report