AQAR 2020-21

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5.1.4 Number of students benefitted from guidance/coaching for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the institution during the year:     
Name of the Activity conducted by the HEI to offer guidance/coaching for competitive examinations during the year Name of the Activity conducted by the HEI to offer guidance / coaching for career counselling during the yearNumber of students placed through campus placementLink to Report
Name of the Activity Number of students who attended / participatedDetails of career counsellingNumber of students who attended / participated
"Preparing For Civil Service"120RJC Report
A Talk On "A Career Counselling Session"13Report
Hindi Mai Rojgar Ki SambhavNayen39Report
A Talk On "Career Option After Graduation In History"22Report
A Career Guidance Programme in "Marathi Basha : Vyavasayacha Disha"35Report
"Career Avenue In Philosophy"15Report
"Importance Of Philosophy In Civil Service Examination"40Report
Lecture On "Career in Journalism With Majors In Political Science" Session by Ms. Divya Sarkar A Senior Assistant Editor With Economic Times18Report
Lecture On "Career In Law With Majors In Political Science". Ms. Gretta Castelino, Assistant Professor, HVPS College, Mumbai Sahred Her Valuable Insight And Experiences in The Field of Law. 33Report
A Career Counselling Lecture For TYBA Student On The Topic "Scope Of Sociology"50Report
UPSC Coaching124UPSC Coaching CommitteeReport
INSIGHT: A Five day Alumni Lecture Series. Lecture Schedule Was taken by Ms. M.s Ashwathi Anilkumar On Day 1 (18th May 2021).
Mr.Adil Feroz Khan On Day 2 (19th mAy 2021).
Ms.Akshata Thakur On Day 3 (20th May 2021).
Mr. Biswonath Dey On Day 4 (21st May 2021).
Mr. Chaitanya Lawande On Day 5 (22nd May 2021).
Day 1: 55
Day 2 : 60
Day 3 : 40
Day 4 : 37
Day 5 : 30
A Talk On Elective Subject And Career Guidance Topic: TYBMM Orientation: Journalism Or Advertising. Speaker Mr. Avinash Lohana Who Worked As Pricipal Corrrespondent With Mumbai Mirror currently Working On As A Editor In 33Report
Guidance Session By Sucheta Gandhi Head of BAMMC/BMM Department, Anna Leela College.47Report
Career Guidance Session On Journalism. Guest Speaker Mr. Avinash Lohana, Assistant Editor , Pinkvilla50Report
Orientation Session for Subject Specialization And Future Career Prospects. Guest Lecturer Ms Naziya Khan,A joint Co-ordinator & HOD Of The BMM Department At Jai Hind College48Report
A Career Counselling Session On "Digital Career Connectivity And Entreprenuership" By Alumni Shubham Dumbre91Report
Virtual Career Counseling Session - CA199Report
Virtual Career Counseling Session - CMA202Report
Virtual Career Counseling Session - CS 99Report
Session On Orientation For Trainning And Placement Of The Current Third Year Students Titled "Campus to Corporate Careers"40Report
Session On Prospect Post To Bachelors Degree fro SYBBI & TYBBI Student Titled "Making MBA,My Cup Of Tea". The Session Was Taken By mr. Niketan Taware ,Nirmala Brithways to Aspire the Student For MBA.46Report
Session On Career Orientation For SYBBI Students TITLED "Whats After BBI". The Webinar Was Taken By Mr. Himansghu Mayne, Infinite Financial Advisors, And Mr CA Vimal Kumar Ashar To Prepare the Student mentally For Futher Studies Post Graduation49Report
Session On Career Orientation For TYBBI Students TITLED "Whats After BBI". The Webinar Was Taken By Mr. Himansghu Mayne, Infinite Financial Advisors, And Mr CA Vimal Kumar Ashar To Prepare the Student mentally For Futher Studies Post Graduation56Report
Session On An Insight Into "What After BBI"122Report
Webinar On "Building Career In General Insurance Sector In The Mist Of Covid-19" By Mr. Subramanian Suryanaryanan Chief Human Resource Officer-TATA AIG General On 22 July 202080Report
Career Guidance For FYBMS139Report
Webinar On Power Planning For Career Aspects In The Covid-19 Era177 inhouse and 198 outhouseReport
3 DAY Alumni Apprenticesship SeriesDay 1: 64
Day 2 : 48
Day 3 : 38
"Career In Mathematics"108Report
Career Planning : The Why, How And Water' by Mr. Gerald Aranha ( Our Illustrious Alumni) Senior Principal Consultant, Telecom, Media Entertainment, HCL Technologies86Report
Carrer Guidance "Zoo-Fest" A Career Guaidance Lecturer by Dr. (mrs) nandita Singh, Assistant professor in GMM College, Bhiwandi Will Give a talk On 'Career In Life Science'47Report
AlumniGappa': An Alumini Meet For Sharing Of Knowledge And Exchanges Of Ideas. Our Prestigious Alumni Mr. Shubham Khandekar And Mr. Ankit Nayak Deliver A Talk On 29th Jan 202154Report
"Guidance On Competative & Enterance Exam" By Mr.Bhagiraty Mishra35Report
"Career In Scope Of Zoology In India"60Report
Department Of Biotechnology Organising Online "DEEKSHARAMBHA" Session For Orientation And Career Guidance On 13th July 2020 For TYBT & SYBT Students 112Report
Gyan-Vigyan' Career Guidance Session Taken By Mr. Niketan Taware 60Report
"Workshop On Career Choices" On Tuesday 25th May 2021 By Speaker Shweat Suryavanshi, Founder, the Neuro ThingSYBT: 26
TYBT : 33
"Final Year And Preparing A Year Ahead" Session by Resource Person: Ms. RIA YADAV On 9th Nov 2020 103Report
"Information Security Field And Career Opputunity" Session By Alumni MAHESH GAVKAR, Information Security Researcher And Trainer At (IBM).61Report
" Industry Expectation From Students " Session By Mr Niketan Taware Fonder At Brightways Management Services.107Report
Career Conselling On "TechConnect-Placement Special" Resource Person RJ College I.T Department92Report