AQAR 2020-21


Name of the ActivityOrganising Unit/ Agency/ Collaborating Agency Name of the SchemeMonth and Year of the activity Number of students who participated in such activitiesLink of Report
World Environment DayNCCTree Plantation5th June 202010Report
International Day Of Yoga CelebrationNCCYoga Day21st June 202021Report
Kargil Vijay Diwas NCC & Lakshya FoundationKargil Vijay Diwas 26th July 202045Report
Fit India MovementNCCFit India MovementJuly To October 202023Report
Fit India Movement CyclothonNCCFit India Movement1st January to 31st January 202115Report
Yoga Raining CampNCC & KaivalyadhamaYoga Training11th to 16th January 202110Report
Atma Nirbhar BharatNCCAtma Nirbhar Bharat3rd August 20207Report
Quiz Competition on International day of DemocracyNSSTo create awareness about the value of our democracy14th Sept-20105Report
Webinar on Marine PollutionNSSEnvironment15th Sept -2020Report
Documentary Film on "Sunrise" NSS & Akshara NGOWomen Mobility1st Oct 2010Report
Bhajan Sandhya on Gandhi JayantiMumbai UniversityTo Celebrate Gandhi's Birth Anniversary2nd Oct 2015Report
Gandhi Jayanti Quiz CompetitionNSSTo Celebrate Gandhi's Birth Anniversary2nd Oct 20175Report
Workshop on Waste ManagementNSS & Sathya Sai SevaWaste Management 3rd Oct 2016Report
Webinar on Mental HealthNSS & IQACHealth10th Oct 2016Report
Satark Bharat , Samruddh Bharat NSS & Central Vigilance Commission ( CVC )Community Based Awareness 27th Oct 2040Report
Essay Competition on Rashtriya Ekta DiwasNSS National Unity Day31st Oct 2018Report
Essay Competition on occasion on World Immunization DayNSSHealth10th Nov 2031Report
Rangoli Competition on occasion of DiwalINSSCultural13th & 14th Nov 2024Report
Children's Day CelebrationNSSChildren's Day 14th Nov 206Report
Slogan Competition on Water Conservation DayNSSAwareness on Water Management19th-28th Nov 209Report
Webinar on Organ Donation NSS- KJ Somaiya College and V4 OrgansArea Level Workshop 25th Nov 2035Report
Webinar on "Constitution Building and Fundamental Rights"NSSConstitution Day of India26th Nov 20107Report
"Rajyaghatna": Jeevan Jeevnacha MargNSS & Mumbai UniversityConstitution Day of India26th Nov 2044Report
AIDS AwarenessNSSHealth1st Dec 208Report
Blood DonationNSS (MU) & J J Mahanagar RaktapedhiHealth20th Dec 2035Report
Paper Bag DistributionNSSEnvironment2nd Jan 2123Report
Community Project ( Teaching )NSSCommunity Based Project4th Jan 21 - 15th Feb 214th Jan : 9
5th Jan : 08
6th Jan: 07
7th Jan : 07
8th Jan : 07
09th Jan :04
18th Jan :07
15th Feb : 06
Protection of Mobile from Phishing ScamNSS & Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT)Cyber Security8th Jan 21350Report
Swami Vivekananda's Vision and Role of YouthNSS & NCCYouth Program 12th Jan 2128Report
Yoga Training SessionNSS & KaivlyadhamaHealth12th Jan - 21st Jan 2134Report
Campus CleaningNSS Swachh Bharat 23rd Jan 2128Report
Republic DayNSSRepublic Day Celebrations26th Jan 2126Report
Mangrove CleaningNSS & VanshaktiEnvironment31st Jan 2116Report
Pulse Polio CampaignNSS & BMCHealth31st Jan - 5th Feb 2144Report
Online Road Safety AwarenessNSS & United Way of MumbaiRoad Safety 6th Feb 2140Report
Cloth DistributionNSSCommunity Based Project22th Feb 216Report
Tree PlantationNSSEnvironment4th March 214Report
Importance of Personal and Public Hygiene in IndiaNSS Cell 'University of Mumbai ' & NSS- Adv. V.B. Deshpande College of Commerce, Mulund Health4th March 2129Report
Speech Competition on International Womens DayNSSWomen's Day8th March 2111Report
Webinar on "Keys issue for Women's Empowerment "CWDCWomen Empowerment 8th March 2138Report
Skin Donation Awareness ProgramNSS & Kumdini Memorial Public Charitable TrustHealth10th March 2140Report
Vaccination DriveNSS & Rajawadi HospitalHealth22nd March- 26th April 2135Report
Webinar on " Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management "NSS & CWDCHealth31st March 2138Report
University Level Online Workshop on Disaster Management Program Gurukul College of Commerce , NSS Cell , University of Mumbai in association with Disaster Management Department , MCGMDisaster Management 5th - 6th April 2114Report
University Level Online Workshop on Financial Literacy VSIT-NSS UnitUniversity Level Workshop on Financial Literacy 6th - 10th April 2142Report
Webinar on Topic Food Planet Health NSS & Vegan OutreachHealth12th April 2175Report
Food Distribution (Mumbai Dabbawala)NSS & United Way of MumbaiCommunity Based Project27th May 2110Report
"Business Vaani"DLLE"Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan"1st Dec 20206Report
"MASK-ON"DLLECommunity Based Project10th to 12th march 20216Report
A New Age Women Entrprenuer :A Journey FromPs to EsDLLE"Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan"19th Nov 202096Report
Republic Day Celebration 2021DLLERespect the National Flag26th Jan 20214Report
Water Conversation-Mission PaaniDLLEEnvironment19th Nov 2020193Report
"Child Labour And Importance Of Childhod In Journey Of Life"DLLECommunity Based Project20th nov 202032Report
Save the EarthDLLE"Vasundhara Abhiyan"2nd Jan 202156Report
First Term Training Prgramme:DLLE11th Nov 20Report
Student ManagerDLLEStudent Manager20th Oct 2020 to 9th April 2021 4Report
Annapurrna Yojana (Apy)DLLEAnnapurrna Yojana (Apy)20th Oct 2020 to 9th April 2021 5Report
Report On Population Education clubDLLEPESE20th Oct 2020 to 9th April 2021 21Report
Career Project DLLECareer Project 20th Oct 2020 to 9th April 2021 30Report
Survey Of Women Status DLLESurvey Of Women Status 20th Oct 2020 to 9th April 2021 61Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJBlaze 2.02020-07-17 00:00:0057Report
EditorialRCRJChildhood chirps5th July 202013Report
SportsRCRJFIT2020-07-08 00:00:0034Report
Professional developmentRCRJKargil vijay divas2020-07-27 00:00:0097Report
EditorialRCRJMemepanti2020-07-18 00:00:0024Report
Marketingand PRRCRJnetmark2020-07-18 00:00:0031Report
International serviceRCRJparyavaran2020-07-14 00:00:0043Report
EditorialRCRJpurani yaadein2020-07-23 00:00:0037Report
Club serviceRCRJRoll your dice2020-07-13 00:00:0048Report
SportsRCRJRook and roll2020-07-19 00:00:0060Report
Community serviceRCRJSuraksha 2020-07-14 00:00:0023Report
Club serviceRCRJTreasure hunt2020-07-25 00:00:0048Report
Community serviceRCRJVrushropan 1- 29 july 2021Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJBlaze 2.02020-08-04 00:00:0037Report
Community serviceRCRJDor 4.02020-08-03 00:00:0043Report
Community serviceRCRJEYE CARE2020-08-15 00:00:00481Report
Club serviceRCRJMr. and Ms. Caurentena21-26 Aug 2041Report
International serviceRCRJMusafir2020-08-01 00:00:00252Report
International serviceRCRJPaddle for survival 6.012-25 Aug54Report
Professional developmentRCRJPehchan2020-08-08 00:00:0079Report
Professional developmentRCRJPerspire to pursue2020-08-20 00:00:0040Report
Community serviceRCRJSeminar on period leave2020-08-29 00:00:00237Report
Professional developmentRCRJsauryagatha2020-08-15 00:00:00175Report
EditorialRCRJYaarana1-7 aug 2047Report
International serviceRCRJYuvotsav2020-08-12 00:00:00457Report
Professional developmentRCRJABC talks2020-09-13 00:00:0082Report
EditorialRCRJBappa photography2020-09-03 00:00:0027Report
PR and MarketingRCRJEcoment2020-09-05 00:00:0030Report
SportsRCRJFIT in 810-18 sept337Report
Club serviceRCRJGames of tones22-23 sept 2039Report
sportsRCRJGamer zone24-25 sept49Report
International serviceRCRJHarmonize2021-09-10 00:00:0077Report
Club serviceRCRJHousie15-16 sept 2040Report
International serviceRCRJHustle IT4th sept 2053Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJLearn from veretan2021-09-11 00:00:0055Report
Digital CommunicationRCRJMonsoon Diaries16-24 sept38Report
Community serviceRCRJPaathshala2020-09-02 00:00:00159Report
Community serviceRCRJPawfect2020-09-30 00:00:0086Report
International serviceRCRJTeacher's day2020-09-05 00:00:00110Report
Community serviceRCRJWeight your Option.1-30 sept112Report
Professional developmentRCRJAce apptitude2020-10-25 00:00:0077Report
International serviceRCRJAstitva 2.02020-10-11 00:00:0050Report
Partner-in-serviceRCRJDe- addcition seminar2020-10-02 00:00:0052Report
Community serviceRCRJDomestice violence2020-10-11 00:00:00160Report
Professional developmentRCRJEnvision Career guidance2020-10-10 00:00:0079Report
SportsRCRJFlatten the curve2020-10-10 00:00:0043Report
Digital CommunicationRCRJIncredible india2020-10-02 00:00:0048Report
International serviceRCRJPolio Eradication awareness2020-10-28 00:00:00477Report
Community serviceRCRJPukaar2020-10-18 00:00:00205Report
SportsRCRJQUIZ NIGHT2020-10-23 00:00:0040Report
Professional developmentRCRJRotaract Academy2020-10-31 00:00:0065Report
Club serviceRCRJAnnapurna2020-10-31 00:00:0035Report
Club serviceRCRJSnack art3-17 oct30Report
Club serviceRCRJNavatrike nau rang17th Oct 202120Report
Community serviceRCRJSolace phase 1- art theraphy2020-10-03 00:00:00217Report
Community serviceRCRJSolace Phase 2 music and movement theraphy2020-10-11 00:00:00158Report
Community serviceRCRJUMANG2020-10-25 00:00:0038Report
SportsRCRJbeach futsal2020-11-19 00:00:0020Report
Community serviceRCRJDilwali diwali2020-11-08 00:00:0015Report
Professional developmentRCRJFinancial freedom2020-11-07 00:00:00155Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJGlobal enterprenuership2020-11-06 00:00:00138Report
Community serviceRCRJHumans for Humans2020-11-24 00:00:0010Report
International serviceRCRJMuskan2021-11-20 00:00:0021Report
Digital CommunicationRCRJRang de rangoli10-15 nov 2052Report
Community serviceRCRJBeach Clean up drive2020-11-23 00:00:0042Report
Professional developmentRCRJEvening katta2020-11-23 00:00:0045Report
Professional developmentRCRJAptitude Building2020-11-28 00:00:0046Report
SecretariatRCRJVivaran ki Jankari2020-11-03 00:00:0028Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJBootcamp2020-12-09 00:00:0067Report
Entrepreneurship development RCRJClash of plans2020-12-12 00:00:0025Report
SportsRCRJMini Cricketia 5.02020-12-30 00:00:0058Report
Partner-in-serviceRCRJInternet De-addiction seminar2020-12-14 00:00:0020Report
Club serviceRCRJHouse party2020-12-13 00:00:0033Report
EditorialRCRJReminisence20-30 Dec 2016Report
International serviceRCRJStories of valour and sacrifice2020-12-09 00:00:0047Report
Community serviceRCRJCOLORS17-19 JAN 212269Report
Club serviceRCRJDekh ke bolio12-15 Jan 2173Report
PR and MarketingRCRJEk awaj2021-01-16 00:00:0027Report
International serviceRCRJHindi hai hum 2.02020-01-10 00:00:0030Report
HRDRCRJHis Act2020-01-03 00:00:0043Report
Professional developmentRCRJManagement as a career2020-01-23 00:00:0059Report
EditorialRCRJPoetry Dil se15-30 jan 2034Report
PR and MarketingRCRJPyaar for colors2020-01-20 00:00:0057Report
SportsRCRJRoar season 327-30 jan 20321Report
Marketingand PRRCRJD2lr16-26 Feb170Report
Club serviceRCRJGlits and Glamour2020-02-27 00:00:0060Report
Marketingand PRRCRJSale pe sale2020-02-21 00:00:0035Report
Club serviceRCRJNaari5th - 8th March 202120Report
Club serviceRCRJGoonj9th March 202122Report
Club serviceRCRJWorld Responsible youth 14th March 202122Report
Club serviceRCRJFood-Fiesta15th March 202135Report
Club serviceRCRJWao20th - 4rd April 202133Report
Club serviceRCRJCognizane20th March 202120Report
Club serviceRCRJThe Official Visit25th March 202134Report
Club serviceRCRJI Am Champion4th April 202120Report
Marketingand PRRCRJArt Attack2.015th April 202122Report
Club serviceRCRJTalaash31st April 202122Report
Club serviceRCRJITUS1st - 26th April 202122Report
Club serviceRCRJSkill Fiesta25th April 202114Report
Club serviceRCRJHow to keep focus during meditation and healthy life 1st May 202138Report
Club serviceRCRJBanking and Finance as a career26th May 202126Report
HRDRCRJLearnzilla29th to 31st May 202130Report