AQAR 2020-21

Report of Seminar/Workshop

Name of the Workshop/ SeminarNumber of ParticipantsDate (From - To)Link to the Workshop/Seminar report
Reasearch Mindset : Quest For Truth 60 were fron inhouse remaining were from Other Instition22nd July 2020Report
Researching To learn and learning to research With Drosophila7220th August 2020Report
Online Short Term Course On Research Methodology In Basic Science2521st Sept To 26th Sept 2020Report
TATA Power Skill2713th Oct to 27th Oct 2020Report
Research Skills Lecture I: Dynamic Of Research in English191st Feb 2021Report
Research Skills Lecture II: Postmordenism Theory And Pratice 256th Feb 2021Report
Research Skills Lecture III: Disabilties Studey Theory And Potiential Research 238th Feb 2021Report
Research Skills Lecture IV: Potiential Research Areas Gender Studies Post Colonoalism And Diaspora 2110th feb 2021Report
Research Skills Lecture V: Dynamics Of Research In English II 2811thy Feb 2021Report
Anusandhan 2021: Classic paper Presentation Program7821st Feb 2021Report
Annual Intercolliigate Students` Research Seminar : World Of Civilizations History And Mysteries31 Partcipant And 11 Paper Prersenter1st March 2021Report
Learn How To Write A Reasearch paper2814th March 2021Report
3-day National Workshop On Historical Development In Mathematics 19725th To 27th March 2021Report
Workshop on "entrepenuership And Intellectual property Rights 19721st May 2021Report
Research Methodology 5725th to 28 May 2021Report
3-Day Research Orientation Programme 12812th to 14 April 2021Report
Budding Research 1920th April 2021Report