3.3.1 – Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations and creation and transfer of knowledge supported by dedicated centres for research, entrepreneurship, community orientation, incubation, etc. (2021-22)

AQAR 2021-22

There are nine research centres with research supervisors for guiding students leading to a Ph D degree. The research advisory committee has created an ecosystem for innovation, creation, and transfer of knowledge by organising guest lectures, workshops. A unique initiative is Anusandhan to encourage multidisciplinary research. Project work is an integral part of all postgraduate programs these are mentored by faculty members. Undergraduate research work is encouraged by motivating students to take up mini projects and these are sponsored by the DBT Star College Scheme. Student present their work at different forums and participate in University Research festival “Avishkar”. The college has established an incubation and entrepreneurship cell. The cell organises workshops, training, guest lectures to promote entrepreneurship. An annual event “Invotex” is organised by the cell. Awareness programs are conducted for intellectual property right. College also facilitates in filing of patents. Our alumni who are entrepreneurs are invited to share their expertise and provide guidance to our students to become entrepreneurs.