AQAR 2020-21

The Board of studies in respective subjects has designed the curriculum taking all the program outcomes into consideration. The program specific outcomes and course specific outcomes are appropriately framed in consonance with the expected program outcomes.Students are informed about the evaluation pattern adopted by each department . Each department after discussion decides to have a mcq , quiz, presentation, seminar, video making, case studies depending on the requirement of the course there is a rubric to assess the attainment. The semester end examination is of 60 marks which is a subjective however in this academic year exams were online and objective. For a student to pass 40% marks are required. The course teachers set the question paper in such a way that the course attainment can be measured. Project, quiz, field projects reports, seminar, lab work have a structured framework for evaluation considering all the quality parameters. Students are given additional credits for the value added course which they enrol and complete. Students are encouraged to take part in co and extracurricular and extension activities for while they get additional credits. The departments analyse the results and make efforts to ensure further improvement. The practice of continous improvement is practiced. The feed back from various stake holders on the curriculum which is analysed and action is taken to improve the curriculum in view of the changing societal needs. Course attainment for all programs are calculated by direct method as per UGC norms

Course Attainment UG

Course Attainment PG

Course Attainment Analysis (Graphical Representation)