AQAR 2020-21

Brochure or any other document relating to value-added courses

Data Template

Name of the value-added courses (with 30 or more contact hours) offered Course Code, if anyNo. of times offered during the yearDuration of course (in hours)Number of students enrolled during the year1.3.3 Number of students who completed the course during the yearLINK BROUCHER & COURSE DETAILS
Certifiacate Course in Data Analytics Using R softwareRJSTATC01130 hours10861
Certificate Course in Basics of ConchologyRJZOOC01130 hours7557
Certificate Course in Artificial IntelligenceRJITC04130 hours5429
Certificate Course in C - ProgrammingRJMATHC01130 hours9072
Certificate Course in Campus to Corporate (Aptitude, Compute & Fundamentals)RJBVOCC02130 hours7820
Certificate Course in Digital Cartography and Modern SurveyingRJGEOC01130 hours106
Certificate Course in English for Same Language Subtitling (SLS)RJENGC01130 hours2625
Certificate Course in Fundamentals of FilmmakingRJAUBMMC01130 hours5548
Certificate Course in GardeningRJBOTC17130 hours6645
Certificate Course in Gender and DevelopmentRJSOCC01130 hours1616
Certificate course in Instrumentation and Techniques in Biological SciencesRJBOTC16130 hours6636
Certificate Course in Investment AvenuesRJCUBMSC01130 hours535302
Certificate Course in leadership developmentRJCUBMSC02130 hours8116
Certificate Course in Media Lekhan RJHINCO1130 hours1916
Certificate Course in Orthography and Proofreading RJMARC02130 hours2118
Certificate Course in Personality DevelopmentRJBTC05130 hours3636
Certificate Course in Research Methodology and Quantitative TechniquesRJECOC01130 hours4328
Certificate Course in Research Methodology in HistoryRJHISC01130 hours1010
Certificate course in Tree AppreciationRJBOTC12130 hours12584
Certificate Course in Understanding Human RightsRJPOLC01130 hours2923
Certificate Course in Yoga as Art of LivingRJPHIC01130 hours2710
Certification Course on Dynamic of Services SectorsRJCOMC01130 hours155118
Emerging Technologies in Computer ScienceRJCSC03130 hours19538
Intellectual Property RightsRJBOTC08140 hours4646
Microsoft Excel - Beginner to AdvancedRJCUBAFCO1130 hours10441
Personal Development Programme – Interview Skills (Advanced Level)RJBBIC03140 hours5959
Personal Development Programme – Personality Development (BasicLevel)RJBBIC01140 hours6565
Personal Development Programme – Personality Development (Intermediate Level)RJBBIC02140 hours6464
PG Diploma in Clinical Research, Data Management and Medical Writing RJSPGDCSDMMW1120 hours2929
PG Diploma in Dietitics and Applied NutritionRJSPGDDAN1120 hours4343
PG Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape GardeningRJSPGDHLG1120 hours1919
PG Diploma in Regulatory AffairsRJSPGDRA1120 hours3333
VMWare vSphere 6.7 RJITC07130 hours2510