AQAR 2020-21

Institution integrates cross-cutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability, and Human Values into the curriculum

With increasing use of technology and connectivity we live in a global village and our concerns are safe and secure, green and clean, honesty and integrity in all spheres. Educational institutions play a major role and this we have done through teaching through the core courses, add on courses and electives. Foundation course is an interdisciplinary course which integrates environmental science, gender, climate change and human rights. It is offered to all students at the first and second year of undergraduate programs. Concern for environment and saving the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling has been taught by including topics on green chemistry, waste management, environmental impact analysis. The curriculum in Arts and commerce faculties have inbuilt component on gender sensitization, human values. All teachings bear components to inculcate ethical values in the students so that they become responsible citizen. These values are also nurtured by inviting eminent speakers, organizing workshops and exhibitions. In addition the co curricular activities organized by all departments integrates and addresses issues of ethics, gender, human values, environment and sustainability.